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Thank you for your interest in our Hi-Tech line of Security and Surveillance products. SpyGear4U™ manufactures and distributes only the highest quality products to Law Enforcement, Private Investigators, Corporations, and Consumers. Our product line includes: DVR Recorders, Voice Recorders, Spy Software, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Spy Cameras, Body Worn Cameras, PI Gear, Cheating Spouses, CCTV Cameras and Bug Detectors. We guarantee our customers that we use only the highest quality components in our products as well as providing a 1 year warranty. We are "Your SPY & SECURITY Center!".



Featured Top Products:

MiniTrakPro GPSProfessional Mini Tracker - $279.95

The recorded data from the Mini Tracker can be displayed over a street map, satellite images, or in a text report. Simply put, the Mini Tracker is an extremely affordable  data logger.


Digital Voice Recorder - $169.50

Digital Voice RecorderWorlds First and Only “NO BATTERY DRAIN”* (When used with single line phones) 34-Hour Portable Digital Telephone Recorder with Time/Date Stamp. Designed and manufactured exclusively for the SPY Industry!.

Button Cam and DVR Kit - $585.95

Buttom Camera and DVR 500This makes a great body worn video recording solution for any private investigator or law enforcement officer. The DVR provides power to the button camera and makes it much easier to carry on the body. Our #1 selling body cam kit to investigators.

  Covert Pen Recorder - $169.95

Introducing the "PI Pen" note taker. Not only a great writing ball point pen, but also a high quality, 7-hour digital digital audio recorder. Great for taking "in the field" notes both by writing and dictating. Easy to use. No lights or sounds when recording for a truly covert recorder.

BugTRAKpro - All-In-One  - $279.95

BugTRAKpro Bug DetectorQuickly Detects Analog and Digital Telephone Taps . . . Room Bugs . . . Concealed Video Cameras...GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices and the devastating "Infinity Device". Get a FREE white noise generator with purchase!. Best Seller.


CheckMate Infidelity Kit  - $49.95

CheckMate Infidelity Test KitThe KT100 CheckMate Semen and “Sperm” Detection Test Kit is simply the easiest and most cost effective way to put an end to the nightmare of suspicion and doubt caused by the infidelity of a cheating spouse. Identify suspected semen stains in undergarments in 5 minutes or less.

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